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Entry #1

Woot! Finished another one!

2009-01-12 00:04:27 by tomocles

After a long day I finally finished the Animating a Hand tutorial! I hope anyone visiting this page enjoyed it. :) If you have any further questions about these tutorials or about anything how-to on drawing, feel free to ask them here. I can draw a great deal of things, so I would be glad to help you out with any specific things you want.


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2009-01-12 00:23:55

pretty nice tutorial
i think it needed some music or something to make it a little better
thanks though, Hands are the thing I can't draw right

tomocles responds:

np man. :) I will see about adding music if it gets a good score.


2009-01-12 10:53:13

woot! so close to blue status, thanks you guys!