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Its completed!

2009-01-13 03:08:58 by tomocles

I have finally completed the full Creating a Hand tutorial set! I have painstakingly gone over and over again to make sure it is perfect, and I think it is now! This new compilation includes the previous two and also two new, yet slightly smaller, tutorials: Shading a Hand and Coloring a Hand. I wont post it yet, but instead tomorrow so that I may get a decent amount of votes and coverage on it.


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2009-01-13 15:30:53

So, when will we see an animation from you? Do you plan one? It seems to be very hard to draw whole scenes and sequences in this style and quality. By the way, congratulations to the score you reached with your tutorial.


2009-01-13 21:52:59

Very nice tutorial. I recommended it for the Flash Tutorial collection. It's also in my favorites. Can't wait to see some animations from you.

tomocles responds:

thats great because I am starting my Zelda tribute today. :)


2010-04-25 06:08:49

I want to join you on your comic.

tomocles responds:

lol, I would have never looked here if I wasnt trying to check my posts, you would have missed me by a mile :P