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Entry #4

Tiki Madness!

2010-07-30 05:21:33 by tomocles

Tiki Madness is a bejeweled-esque game based around matching combos that Montycarlo, and I are working on. The unique bit is that its based around tiki totems, and I believe the game is quite fun, incomplete as it is.

As of right now, there are several things waiting for completion:

-Main Menu (50% done)
-Stone Tiki (Art done, Coding incomplete)
-Exploding Tiki (Basic done, animation incomplete, coding incomplete)
-Background animations (33% done; torches done, waves incomplete, moon reflection incomplete)
-Score and Timer (30-50% done)
-Timed and Zen modes (incomplete)
-3 more Base Tikis (incomplete)

These are pretty small things, however, and will be complete in a mere couple weeks. What i was hoping for was your opinions! Tell me what might need changing here, before it is too late to change things. :P (I suggest using the lightbox display, it looks better without the white around it)


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